Thursday, 20 April 2017

Most Important Magento Extensions for Magento eCommerce Stores

Magento has been ceaselessly evolving and has made its mark in the online marketplace as the top web application platform for eCommerce websites, since its launch. Each Magento developer has an individual arrangement of extensions without which they can't imagine to work on Magento platform. These extensions provides solutions for important features such as security, caching, forms, content etc. which help the developers to work proficiently and enhance the general Magento experience.

The best thing about Magento is that its extension library is quite broad and contains more than 9,200 extensions, modules, and components that upgrade the usefulness by permitting you to add elements to twist the CMS at your will. So here are the top Magento extensions that you should have to improve the usefulness and client experience of your eCommerce website.

Custom Magento Extensions

One Page Checkout 

The Magento based websites have multiple step checkout process for purchasing products, which is set as default. Nobody likes to fill multiple forms or experience a lengthy checkout process, which is quite irritating for most of the website visitors. However, because of One Page Checkout, you can now chop down the checkout procedure to only a single page. This extensions is broadly used because it makes the checkout process a cakewalk. It also has an auto-complete feature that fills the checkout forms for your repeat customers.


Each online shopping website needs a blog section for staying clients updated with existing and new items launch, announcing promotions, getting feedbacks on items, and including applicable substance about your business and niche. It helps in pulling in more clients to your online store, and that is mainly the reason behind why you ought to have the Blog extension on your Magento site. This is a totally free extension and is best for regular blogging stages including passage fields, local WYSIWYG editorial, RSS and others.

Magento WordPress Integration 

Greater part of the blogging websites are made on the WordPress platform for undeniable reasons. With this extension, you can integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento online store. Magento WordPress Integration permits you to switch between Magento's administrator board and WordPress dashboard with only a click. In addition, you can likewise profit by the wide variety of WordPress modules that it supports. Magento WordPress Integration permits you to appreciate best of both platforms by providing you with the usefulness of these platform on a single stage.


This extension empowers you to adjust the cost of shipping by investigating the customer destination, area, ZipCode, number of items, quantity, cart weight, and individual item costs. With MatrixRate, you can easily decide on the delivery cost of your items and save a lot.

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